The Bayshore Regional Sewage Authority (BRSA) is defying the will of the mayor, the town council, and the majority of local citizens in its efforts to erect a 1.5 MW GE industrial wind turbine (IWT) at its facility in Union Beach, New Jersey on the shores of Raritan Bay.  Monmouth County, Union Beach, Keyport, Matawan and Holmdel have all passed resolutions opposing its construction.  The Hazlet Area Quality of Life Association and the Bayshore Regional Watershed Council are also opposed.  


The IWT would stand 386 feet tall with three blades each the size of a cell tower.  That's 81 feet taller than the Statue of Liberty and 113 feet taller than the Twin Lights in Highlands.   In our opinion, it would be an eyesore ruining the aesthetic beauty of our Bayshore region and lower local property values significantly.


There are serious health and public safety issues for people living close to IWTs (see links below).  Many localities require IWTs to be set back at least 1.25 miles from the nearest home.  The BRSA turbine would be sited 1,080 feet from the start of a densely populated community, and thousands of homes in Union Beach, Hazlet and Keyport are well within the 1.25 mile radius.  Plus, it is our position that any promised savings on the BRSA's sewer bills will never come to pass.


In August of 2012, Union Beach won a unanimous Appellate Court decision that remanded the IWT issue back to the UB Planning Board.  Before that could occur, Superstorm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore.  The BRSA suffered tens of millions of dollars in damage, and the turbine was totaled while in storage in Port Newark.  According to the BRSA's executive director, the issue has been "placed on the back burner" for now, but our fight is far from over.  

NJ Supreme Court declines to hear latest appeal, sends turbine fight back to Union Beach
Turbine case headed to N.J. Supreme Court | Fischer admits potential BRSA lawsuit vs. Conti Corp.
The Independent: BRSA wind turbine parts damaged during Sandy
The Independent: Oral arguments for latest appeal - "Attorney questions turbine law roots"
1) The Independent: Union Beach's Bart Sutton Appointed to Take His Turn as BRSA Chairman, First To Oppose Turbine
2) FLASHBACK: BRSA sues to block Sutton Appointment to BRSA. Sutton Wins Without An Attorney, Defends Himself

1) Independent: Union Beach wins industrial wind turbine appeal
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1) Independent: Bayshore residents say BRSA ignored warnings
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Anti-Wind Turbine TV Campaign: Here's a great series of four 30 sec. spots from Australia

Health Effects of Noise from Large Wind Turbines, A Concise Summary
The wind industry has worked for 30 years to hide the truth from the public...
1) The US Government has known about the serious health effects of wind turbine noise since at least 1987
2) (1987) A Proposed Metric for Assessing the Potential of Community Annoyance from Wind Turbine Low Frequency Emissions
3) (1985) Also from the Dept. of Energy: Acoustic Noise Associated with the MOD-1 Wind Turbine: Its Source, Impact and Control
4) (1985) Some Individual Differences In Human Response To Infrasound | U of Waterloo, U of Toronto, Canada
Principia Scientific Int. | WIND FARMS AND HEALTH | by A. Evans Professor Emeritus Belfast University
Acoustical Society of America: How Does Wind Turbine Noise Affect People?
1) Video: Wind Turbine Infrasound Recordings Shown On An Oscilloscope
2) Video: Infrasound And Motion Sickness
3) BRILLIANT! Engineers at the University of Minnesota recently managed to record infrasound visually
U. of Waterloo in Ontario | Wind Turbine Noise, Sleep Quality, and Symptoms of Inner Ear Problems
“Unscheduled” Wind Farm Shut-Down Shows Low-Frequency Noise Impact at Waterloo
Glaring Deliberate Faults With The Health Canada Wind Turbine Study: Pollution Is Dilution
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine: Diagnostic criteria for adverse health effects in the environs of wind turbines
Part 1: Negative Health Effects of Noise from Industrial Wind Turbines By Jerry Punch, PhD & Richard James, INCE, BME
Part 2: Negative Health Effects of Noise from Industrial Wind Turbines By Jerry Punch, PhD & Richard James, INCE, BME
Part 3: How the Ear and Brain Process Infrasound From Wind Turbines By Jerry Punch, PhD & Richard James, INCE, BME
1) Australia: Turbines may well blow an ill wind over locals
2) Noise specialist cheers Victoria’s Cape Bridgewater wind farm health impact report
Low-Frequency Noise and Health: A Wind Turbine Case (2007–2013) | Alves-Pereira, Mariana; and Castelo Branco, Nuno
Science for Environment Policy: Annoyance with wind turbine noise rising with the increasing number of turbines installed
Study: Wind turbine noise propagation below 100 Hz (Why dBA fails to measure wind turbine noise))
Op-Ed: Peer-reviewed literature supports anti-wind energy sentiment
A Concise Overview: Health Effects of Noise from Large Wind Turbines 
Nina Pierpont, MD, PhD: Wind Turbine Syndrome: Executive Summary | Wind Energy Impacts and Issues
1) Duke Energy’s Shirley wind turbines declared a “human health hazard” by county Board of Health
2) Health Threat from Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound at Wisconsin Wind Farm Affirmed
Journal of the American Assoc. for the Advancement of Science: Science Sounds you can't hear can still hurt your ears
Wind turbines make people ill: fact not fiction | By Pamela Kenny, MB BS, MRCS LRCP, FIMC RCSEd
GREAT STUDY | Wind Turbine Annoyance – a clue from acoustic room modes
Lawrence Solomon: Ill winds blow from wind turbines | Financial Post
University of Waterloo Study: Analysis reveals characteristics of infrasonic pulse from Industrial Wind Turbines
Wind Turbine Infra and Low-Frequency Sound: Warning Signs That Were Not Heard
Bruce McPherson Industrial Wind Turbine  Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise Study 
Video: Pandora’s Pinwheels: The Reality of Life with Wind Turbines - Australia and New Zealand
Wind turbine noise and health: Special issue of Bulletin of Science, Technology & Society (2011)
Infrasound found in homes near wind farm - News - The Cumberland Times-News
Wind turbines and health | Videos from Clinton, Ontario
Peer reviewed articles, their abstracts & citations on adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines
Influence of infrasound noise from wind turbines on EEG signal patterns in humans
Wind turbines make people sick, peer-reviewed UK study finds
“Infrasound from wind turbines: An overlooked health hazard” (Clinical report, Sweden)
Notes from sessions at the 2nd International Meeting on Wind Turbine Noise (Lyon, France, Sept. 20-21, 2007)
Influence of infrasound noise from wind turbines on EEG signal patterns in humans
If industrial wind turbines too close to animals can causes problems - might it not happen to people?
Abstract: Hearing at low and infrasonic frequencies
Scotland: An ill wind blows as the surge of turbines stirs fears of silent danger to our health
Acoustics Today: "How Wind Turbine Noise Affects People" (Peer-reviewed)
Longitudinal study of the impact of wind turbine proximity on health related quality of life
New resource available on Amazon: "Sound, Noise, Flicker and the Human Perception of Wind Farm Activity"
Massachusetts: Kingston Independence turbine exceeds state’s noise threshold during study
National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia | Wind Farms and Human Health Scientific Forum 
Wisconsin Study Finds Wind Turbine Noise at Sub-audible Levels
Acoustician Rick James: Graphs of audio demonstrate that industrial wind turbines generate infrasound
Rand Acoustics | Wind Turbine Noise: An independent assessment of sound quality
New Industrial Wind Turbine Study Points to Infrasound as Serious Health Problem
Systematic review 2013: Association between wind turbines and human distress Hoosac Wind Turbine Neighbors Complain of Loud Turbine Noise
Acoustician Nancy S. Timmerman provides an easy to follow discussion of turbine noise studies
Delingpole: A provocative investigation claims thousands are falling sick because they live near wind turbines
Video Lecture (11:20): Low Frequency Noise | Mariana Alves-Pereira, Lusófona University, Lisbon, Portugal
News 7: Sleeplesss in Scituate: Turbines keep many awake
 Dr. Alec Salt, a leading researcher: Wind Turbines can be Hazardous to Human Health
Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine: Industrial wind turbines and adverse health effects
A must-read: "You know you live too close to a wind project in Vermont when..."
Institute for Water, Soil and Air Hygiene | Acute and chronic endocrine effects of noise (Includes turbines)
The Truly unacceptable face of Wind! The photo shows the turbine at the same setback as would occur in UB
The Irish Times: Turbine study revolves around negative impacts on community (Kid's a genius!)
ABC TV's Charles Gibson is astounded by the noise of an industrial wind turbine in this report
Green Bay Press Gazette: Study finds 'dangerous levels' of noise from turbines
Watch "Wind Turbine Syndrome, a matter of bad prevention?" on YouTube
If you live near the wind turbine in Fairhaven, MA, the town has asked that you fill out this form
A MUST-SEE! Canadian TV documentary tackles the health impacts of industrial wind turbine noise
Project Safe House | The Human Face of Wind Turbines
Falmouth Turbines ordered off from 7pm - 7am | Judge determines abutters "injured in some way"
A must-see video lecture by industrial noise expert Rick James on harmful low frequency and infrasound from wind turbines
M. Nissenbaum, MD: Inustrail Wind Turbines, Human Variability and Adverse Health Effects
Video: Wind Turbine Shadow Flicker, Scituate, MA
Letter from Gary D Hopkins MD regarding adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines
"TOO CLOSE" (video) documents people experiencing ill health from the Hull and Falmouth IWTs
Power Point Presentation On Wind Turbine Noise | Mike Stigwood, Acoustican. SAS conference Nov.24.13
Complaints over a single industrial wind turbine in Port Elgin, Ontario continue to pile up
National Institute of Health (NIH) | Wind Turbines: A Different Breed of Noise?
Letter by Sandy Reider MD (Harvard Trained): Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines
Kirby Mountain Blog: Literature reviews of wind turbines’ effects on human health
Journal-published Studies of health effects of industrial wind turbine noise, 2003–2012 
1) "What Vestas knew, and when" analyses the Vestas (major turbine maker) PowerPoint document below
2) The PowerPoint by Vestas: Problems related to the use of the existing noise measurement standards...
Conference warns sleep disturbance emerging as major public health concern, particularly with children, older people.

Civil Actions: Wind Farm Litigation Breakouts in the US
Michigan: One Wind Turbine Lawsuit Settled, But No Truce in Wind Energy Debate
MA Appellate Court Ruling: Falmouth should have obtained permit before erecting their wind turbine
The Oklahoman: Federal judge allows part of case against Kingfisher wind farm to proceed
DENMARK: Compensation to homeowners for noise from wind turbines: precedent-setting court decision
NJ Board of Public Utilities again rejects Fishermen's Energy project planned for just 2.8 miles off of Atlantic City
Wind park lawsuit settled for 17 of 19 Riverton Township landowners (plaintiffs) and Consumers Energy
LAWSUIT: Wind farm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula sued over turbines' impact on neighbors
Massachusetts Issues Consent Order against Iberdrola RenewablesOn Hoosac Wind Project
Insurance companies begin to exclude coverage for noise-related claims from industrial wind turbine policy coverage
Upper Peninsula wind turbines will kill eagles, other protected species, lawsuit says
Cape Wind Is Dead! (U.S. offshore wind stuck at zero)
Green Mountain Wind Power to pay $109K for turbine noise monitoring as part of a penalty for noise violations
Upstate NY: Herkimer County residents have filed suit against Iberdrola Wind
Wind farm in Michigan's Upper Peninsula sued over turbines' impact on neighbors
Maine Court rules for Vinalhaven Wind Neighbors vs. Maine DEP charged with enforcing wind turbine noise standards
The Nature Conservancy partially funded by wind developers + See "Comments"
World First: Ontario Council Includes Infrasound in Wind Farm Noise Law
Forbes: Electricity Prices Soaring In Top 10 Wind Power States
Rose v. Chaikin 1982 NJ wind turbine court decision: Private wind turbine shut down
More Massive Subsidies for Big Wind  | Each wind job costs taxpayers $1.7 Million in Texas 
Michican Capitol News: Court Backs Finding Of Wind Turbine Noise Problem. Developer must mitigate
1) Oklahoma: Residents file class-action lawsuit to block wind turbines near Kingfisher
2) Here's the actual class action complaint for the above Oklahoma lawsuit
Danish wind farm company successfully sued for spoiling view. Homeowner awarded $87,000
Giving tax credits to the wind energy industry is a waste of time and money
NJ rejects 3-year effort to install wind farm off Atlantic City coast because it's not financially viable
Warren Buffet: We get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. They don’t make sense without the tax credit.
N.J. Offshore Wind Project Reveals The Enormous Cost to Taxpayer
Reuters: The Dutch fall out of love with windmills 
Alabama: Residents near proposed wind mill farm sue wind developers
Beacon Hill Institute: New Jersey's Renewable Energy Mandate is a Drag on the Economy
Landowners with Wind Turbines On Their Properties Launch Lawsuit Against Wind Developers
N.C. couple asks judge to seize $223K from turbine owner to cover lawsuit settlement amount
Australia: Senator John Madigan absolutely rips the wind industry and Professor Simon Chapman to shreds
Michigan: Plaintiffs’ attorney verifies settlement reached in wind turbine lawsuit
US News & World Report | Administration 'slow rolling' documents on bird deaths at wind farms
Prime Minister David Cameron could make manifesto pledge to get 'rid' of wind farms
UK Advertising Standards Authority rules wind farms cannot be advertised as producing no health effects
Financial Post: Governments across Europe ripping up renewable contracts
Portuguese Supreme Court orders 4 wind turbines removed due to excessive low frequency noise
Nelsons settle with Green Mountain (Wind) Power: Accept a $1,300,000 buyout of their farm
Financial Post: North America slow to reverse renewables projects, but its turn will come soon
Court Environmental Victory Is Major Setback For Cape Wind's Offshore Wind Farm Plan
Survey shows wind farms are damaging Scottish mountain tourism, businesses hurt
23 Texas wind farm hosts sue over noise, nuisance - they now realize the wind companies led to them
Falmouth, MA | Judge orders limited use of wind turbines. Neighbors "at risk of irreparable physical and psychological harm"
MA pending legislation: The Wind Energy Relief Act would provide compensation to wind turbine neighbors
The UK Environmental Secretary emphatically states, "Wind farms are a big scam!"
Court Orders Utility To Address Wind Turbine Noise Problems Due To Resident's Complaints
UK MINISTERS call a halt to the spread of wind farms across the countryside amid a growing public backlash
MUST SEE TV NEWS: A giant Florida wind turbine corporation is suing an Ontario woman opposing turbines in her backyard
Federal Judge: Michigan Renewable Energy Mandate Unconstitutional
U.K. Noise Association: 1 mile setback needed for wind turbines (Union Beach setback would be 1,080 feet)
PlanetPolicy: Why the Best Path to a Low-Carbon Future is Not Wind or Solar Power
Private equity firms turn away from renewable energy investments- report
Wind farm opponents in Ontario ready $28M lawsuit
The Irish are pissed off | 10,000 to march in ‘monster rally’ against industrial wind installations
Electricity Prices Rise Dramatically Under Ohio Renewable Mandates, Almost 100% Wind Energy
Wind power opponents in the crosshairs of the wind industry - Denmark spies on critical citizens
1) Michigan | Court Orders Utility To Address Wind Turbine Noise Problems
2) Michigan | US Judge Orders Lake Wind’s Noisy Turbines to be Shut Down – AGAIN!
Hardscrabble Wind Farm lawsuit progressing slowly (Upstate NY) 
FORBES: American Wind Energy Association Admits Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Largest Wind Power States
North Dakota wants financial assurance wind turbines will be removed in 20 years - NextEra Wind balks
Don't piss off the Irish! Thousands of demonstrators march through Dublin in opposition to wind energy

Ontario court allows lawsuits against wind company and accepts 22% to 50% loss of property values along with health and noise issues
Experts offers insight to how industrial wind turbines hurt home values
Mother Earth News: Industrial Wind Turbines Hurt Property Values (and they are usually very pro-wind)
Resource Documents (88): Wind Turbine Impacts on Residential Property Values
In this article Vattenfall (Danish wind company) admits proximity to an industrial wind turbine decimates home values
Wind Turbines and Property Values: Does Government/Academic Analysis Match Empirical Evidence?
Scotland: The Sunday Post | Housing values plummet in shadow of turbine developments
CBC News: Ontario wind power bringing down property values
Experts offers insight to wind turbines vs. property value questions
Queen’s professor emeritus: Canadian Wind farm and property value study should not have been published
Wind turbines plunge property value 38% (Ontario, Canada)
UK Sunday Times: Council tax cut for homes near wind farms
Real Estate Industry Criticizes Wind Industry Property Value Report
Telegraph: Wind farms do bring down property values
Denmark has known this for years - wind developers must compensated homeowners by law
Appraisal Group One: Wind Turbine Property Value Impact Study
The UK: Wind farms 'slashing house prices by half' in Devon
Reducing assessed value on a residence (wind turbines) has a tangible impact on the taxes
Check out for lots of info
MailOnline: Wind farms 'slash up to a THIRD off value of nearby homes'
Noise, property values factor in wind turbine forum discussion
1) Mail Online: Study proves value of houses within 1.2 miles of large wind farms slashed by 11%
2) The LSE Study: Wind farms reduce house prices in postcodes where the turbines are visible
Carl Phillips PhD: Wind turbines definitely lower local property values. The only question is, how much?”
Falmouth, MA Allows Turbine Tax Abatement/Property Value Reduction of 22% Due To Proximity To Wind Turbine
Ireland: Refusal of Old Leighlin wind farm lists property devaluation among reasons for turning down development.

Audubon Society CEO: Interior Dept. Rule Greenlights Eagle Slaughter at Wind Farms
Save the Eagles International: US wind farms are actually slaughtering millions of birds and bats annually
American Bird Conservancy: Eagle Rule Weakens Current Protections and Sanctions Eagle Deaths
Two former U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service investigators tell all about bird slaughter by wind turbines
Swedish U. of Agricultural Sciences study, combining 600 other studies: Wind Turbines Severely Harm Wildlife
UK Ecologist: 'Wind Farms Driving Birds, Bats to Extinction'
AP: Pacificorp pleads guilty to violating bird protection law at 2 Wyoming wind farms for killing eagles.
World Council for Nature: 1,600 miscarriages at mink farm due to proximity to wind turbines
Times: “Wind farm ‘will stop salmon finding way home’”
Major Bird Conservation Groups Oppose Merricourt Wind Energy Project in North Dakota
Offshore Wind Farms Harm Marine Mammals, Scientists Explain How and Why
Times: “Wind farm ‘will stop salmon finding way home’”/Protect Wild Scotland
Environmentalists link whale beachings to offshore wind farm sonar
Exposing the wind industry genocide of deliberately unreported bird and bat deaths
San Diego area eagle population being decimated by wind turbine kills
Las Vegas Sun: Wind turbines are disastrous to birds
Collisions of birds with turbine blades one of the big issues in enviro impact assessment of offshore wind farms
American Institute of Biological Sciences: Over 600,000 bats slaughtered by wind turbines per year in US
Wired: Seals wear earphones to test impact of noise pollution from offshore wind turbines
Ohio wind turbine shutdown raises issue of migratory bird safety
US Dept. of Justice | First prosecution for bird kills - Duke Energy agrees to pay $1 million
National Geographic: Federal Study Highlights Spike in Eagle Deaths at Wind Farms
International Science Times: US Wind Turbines Kill Over 600,000 Bats A Year
American Eagle Foundation: "Bald and Golden Eagles Are Being Killed by Wind Turbines"
Robert Bryce: We have to kill eagles in order to save them
FYI, we have a population of bald eagles as well as other birds of prey in the UB area.
Wind farms vs. wildlife - The shocking environmental cost of renewable energy
Washington Times: The truth about bird and bat deaths from wind turbines
Audubon Magazine | Green Energy: Can We Save the Planet and Save Birds?
Once successful Nova Scotia emu farm forced to close after noise from wind turbines destroyed their flock
U.S. Wind Turbines Kill 1.4 Million Birds and Bats Every Year
Wind turbines kill up to 39 million birds a year! Wind developers hide evidence
‘Alarming’ number of eagles killed by wind farms, new study finds
Hiding “Avian Mortality”: Where ‘Green’ is Red (Part I: Altamont Pass)
Hiding Avian Mortality: Where ‘Green’ is Red (Part II: Wolfe Island)
Globe & Mail: Windfarm turbines deadly for birds, bats

Ireland: The Wurzels release their wind farm protest song

1) "On wind energy, we get a tax credit if we build a lot of wind farms. That's the 
only reason to build them. They don't make sense without the tax credit."
2) "Wind Farms Are Useless, I Only Invest For Tax Credit."
Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, May 6, 2014
How America's favorite billionaire Warren Buffett rips off consumers & taxpayers through wind energy

Chinese typhoon knocks out 17 industrial wind turbines
Wind Power Monthly: Eight Impsa turbines blown down in Brazil
Hurricanes Pose Major Risk To Wind Energy Industry
Lightning damage is the "the single largest cause of unplanned downtime in wind turbines."
According to a German study, lightning strikes accounted for 80% of wind turbine insurance claims
Most turbines require significant repairs or complete overhauls in the 5-7 year range (Also see links in story)
Renewable Energy Foundation Study: Wind turbines’ lifespan far shorter than believed, study suggests
Economic life of onshore wind turbines is between 10 and 15 years, not 20 to 25 years as industry claims
30-metre blade plunges from wind-farm turbine
A twenty-five metre wind turbine blade has fallen to the ground
Blades fly off runaway wind turbine - Denmark's news in English
Wind turbines do not power themselves: "One Suzlon turbine destroyed and two badly damaged following local blackout"
Sweden: Vattenfall decommissions offshore wind farm due to the high cost of replacing turbines and cables
Industrial wind farm turbines wear sooner than expected, says study
Oklahoma TV: Catastrophic tornado: 1 turbine blade lands on a daycare, location of other 2 blades unknown
GE blade snaps off of wind turbine in Michigan
1,500 accidents and incidents on UK wind farms in past five years
Siemens shuts down wind turbines worldwide after Southern California accident 
Thunderstorm damages several wind turbines in Lincoln County
Scientific American: Wind Turbines Generate “Upside-Down” Lightning [Video]
East County Magazine: Wind turbine accidents, injuries and fatalities

From The University of Delaware's 2 MW wind turbine, the closest one to Union Beach with a
website showing its output: Screen captures of output sampled twice daily in 2014 from 8/3 to 9/5

Why Not Wind: an open letter: The reasons industrial-scale wind is a destructive boondoggle
Express UK: Energy blow as wind power fuels pollution
Sweden's Royal Academy of Science highly critical of wind power (Link to Swedish article at bottom of the page)
The dirty secret of Britain's polluting diesel generators built in secret to kick in when there's no wind for turbines
Utility Week (UK): Advertising Standards Agency bans ‘misleading’ windfarm capacity claim
A good blog explaining the difference | Primer: Wind Power vs. Wind Energy
Study finds wind farms fall hopelessly short of achieving their electric generating capability
Study: Wind turbines as yet unsuitable as electricity providers
Study: Quantifying CO2 savings from wind power: Ireland
Op-ed by Randy T. Simmons, Ph.D: Stop dumping billions into unreliable wind power
Pierre L. Gosselin for NoTrcksZone: The Chart Wind Energy Proponents Fear You’ll See
Telegraph UK: Proof that the wind industry cannot be relied upon for our electricity
Texas Comptroller Report Destroys Wind Industry Claims
Jay Lehr, PhD: Sooner or Later the World will Wise-up to the Great Wind Power Fraud
Alternative energies are difficult to deploy for three reasons: (1) periodicity, (2) stochasticity and (3) dilution
A case study on Spain’s failed green energy policies
Study: Wind Power Raises CO2 Emissions - by Jeames M. Taylor - Environment & Climate News
Even Members Begin to Question the Sierra Club’s Radical Position on Wind
CO2 and other power plant pollution worsens in Colorado due to wind turbines
Subsidizing CO2 Emissions via Windpower: The Ultimate Irony — MasterResource
Can You Make a Wind Turbine Without A Lot of Fossil Fuels? | The Energy Collective
False Claims about “homes served” by electricity from wind turbines explained
A clear concise and devastating post on why Renewable Energy with storage backup will NEVER be viable
20 Good Reasons Why the Wind Industry’s “Case” Doesn’t Stack Up
Ocotillo wind facility: Residents have documented toxic oil leaks at over 40% of turbines
Government Lab Finds Wind Energy Not Meeting Carbon Emission Goals
Australia Herald Sun: When the wind doesn’t blow, the power doesn’t switch on
Erratic wind power causing dams to crack and damage to hydroelectric turbines and nuke plants
Forbes | Wind Industry Study: AWEA Confirms Electricity Prices Skyrocketing In Largest Wind Power States
IICC's Kevon Martis testifies against the wind industry's federal Production Tax Credit
1) From left-leaning Brookings Institution: Why the Best Path to a Low-Carbon Future is Not Wind or Solar Power
2) The Economist: Wind and solar power are even more expensive than is commonly thought
The UK: The Arguments For and Against Wind Power
The UK: Parasitic wind power is killing its host
A technical study about the little to none wind energy CO2 savings in Ireland
Wind farms could become 'monuments of a failed civilization', top environmentalist claims
Idaho Power: Wind power extremely intermittent and unreliable, short notice driving up costs 
Quixotes Last Stand: "How much wind will a windmill mill if a windmill only uses wind?"
MIT Tech Review: MIT & GE admit wind turbines rely on fossil fuels | CO2 rises as result
From GE's Mouth: GE’s Gas-Fired Plants Could Enable More Wind and Solar (They can't work without it)
Investor's Business Daily: Europe Starts To Run, Not Walk, Away From Green Economics
Financial Post: Why China’s renewables industry is headed for collapse
The Telegraph: How Britain went tilting at windmills
Renewable energy won’t reverse climate change: write Ross Koningstein and David Fork, engineers at Google
Power struggle: Green energy versus a grid that's not ready and may never be able to handle it
UK: Wind farms paid more to switch off turbines than they would have received from operations
£30million for wind turbines that don't work when it's windy: Cost is £25million higher than last year
Research: Wind power pricier, emits more CO2 than thought • The Register
Voice of Russia UK: Wind farms: "No amount of subsidy will make them economically viable"
Bishop Hill Blog: "Behind the windfarm scenes" | Great blog with mostly informative comments
Kirby Mountain: Questions and Answers: What's wrong with wind energy?
NERC Reality vs. AWEA’s Goggin: Chasing a Ghost in Windland
UK: Wind farms handed £5 million to switch off turbines as thousands of homes left without power
60 Minutes: The Cleantech Crash | "Despite billions invested by the U.S...have little to show for it."
Industrial wind turbines use a tremendous amount of power for their own internal systems
VIDEO by Ben Acheson: 'Wind Energy: Chalk it Up As a Loss'
Wind firms accused of building huge, ineffective turbines to exploit a lucrative loophole funded by the taxpayer
Confessions of an ENRON executive: Remembering When Enron Saved the U.S. Wind Industry (Jan., 1997)
People often cite Germany as a wind power success...WRONG!
Spiegel: Germany’s Large-Scale Offshore Windpark Dream Morphs Into An Engineering And Cost Nightmare 
Germany’s Debacle: 2/3 Of Wind Projects “Running Badly To Very Badly”…Case Of The “Missing Wind”
“Energiewende” Takes A Massive Blow" Top Green Energy Proponent Concedes: “Blunder With Ugly Consequences”
German Utilities Bail Out Electric Grid at Wind’s Mercy | Wind Turbines Causing Massive Problems
CO2 emissions have increased since 2011 despite Germany’s $140 billion green energy plan
Bloomberg: Merkel Advisers Urge Germany to End Clean-Energy Subsidy Program
Forbes: Germany's Energy Goes Kaput (thanks to wind turbines), Threatening Economic Stability
Germany's Defective Green Energy Game Plan Results In More CO2 & Pollution
Study (Germany) finds wind power increases costs of electricity production and CO2 emissions
FUNNY: Germany's renewable policies/subsidies mocked by Oliver Welke on what looks like Germany's Daily Show
Germany adding 10 new coal-fired power plants for reliable grid power - wind power not cutting it

In China, the true cost of wind power: Pollution on a disastrous scale
Emerging Environmental Scandal: “Thousands Of Tons Of Toxic” Wind Park Rubbish To Get Dumped At Sea!
Wind turbine blade manufacturing results in large amounts of toxic waste including Bisphenol A
Bisphenol A and the environmentally destructive nature of industrial wind turbines
The Sunday Post’s hard-hitting probe into the true toxic environmental impact of wind farms
Large industrial wind turbines often need blade replacement during their working lives
Wind turbine rotor blades cannot be recycled and are destined for landfills
Europe fears toxic waste wind turbine blade mountain because they cannot be recycled

Top Story For The Second Year In A Row In The Independent.
I believe the people of Union Beach and its neighbors will prevail next year, and that will be the # 1 story of 2014.
1) The Patch (2011): BRSA Chair Coligas Explaining Their Planned Wind Turbine at The Half Century Club
The video is no longer available at the above article, but it can be found at the link below
2) Speech by BRSA Chairman Coligas: He states at 1:52 that BRSA won't run the turbine below 35 degrees
And so, how will the turbine save any money when it will often be shut down in winter, and barely produce in summer?

APP: Ocean Gate shuts down turbines at night while the battle with residents continues

You gotta watch this phenomenal news story from Down Under!

"The best summary of the dirty truth about ‘clean’ wind power..."

Click Here To Order Your Copy Now
Windfall links on Digital Platforms: iTunes , Amazon , Xbox and Netflix

1) Wind power: Renewable resource, or another corporate scam?
2) Village Voice: Playfully thorough examination of the subject
3) Huffington Post: A Cautionary Tale About Wind Power
4) Public News Service: NY Town's Battle Over Wind Power Makes it to the Big Screen
5) Roger Ebert's review of Windfall
6) Paul Mulshine interviews the director, Laura Israel

7) NY Times:Turbines in the Backyard: The Sound and the Strobes
8) Washington Post: Ann Hornaday reviews ‘Windfall’

Why pro-wind studies often use a 10 km radius by Alec Salt PhD
"So, within 2 km (the two innermost bands) of the turbine, the area is 3.1 + 9.4 km2 (=12.5 km2) which would represent 1.2 households." It's worth noting that, unlike this example in the article, Union Beach, Hazlet and Keyport have thousands of households within 2 km of the proposed wind turbine site. And yes, the BRSA's own studies on property values uses this very same statistical trick.

Hear Ben Hoen on the need for Property Value Guarantees by wind developers   
Ben Hoen is the lead author of the Berkeley Lab study that the BRSA touts to try to prove there's no impact on property values. Here, Mr. Hoen acknowledges that homeowners living close to turbines should be compensated and calls for Home Value Guarantees from wind developers. It blows a big hole in the BRSA's claim. Audio and text.

Coast Guard scuttles windmill plan | Cape May Gazette General News 
It would be really funny if it wasn't so serious. It's as if Frank Wells and Robert Fischer told the Coast Guard turbine people what to say to the public. See the comments section.

Irish Times: Bill would keep wind farms far from homes
Looks like the Irish can certainly tell wind industry Blarney from the truth. Currently, their mandatory setback is 500 meters from the first property line. That's 540 feet farther from the first property line than the Wind Banshee planned for Union Beach. When this bill passes, the Irish setback will be 2 km, or 1.25 miles for industrial wind turbines. ERIN GO BRAGH!

Ontario wind power bringing down property values - Canada - CBC News 
The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is doing some very good journalism on wind turbines sited in residential areas, as could become the case here in Union Beach.

Wind Turbines and Public Health
Dr. David Iser for The Waubra Foundation, Australia

Adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines / M. Nissenbaum MD1, J. Aramini PhD2, C. Hanning MD3

British Medical Journal: Wind turbine noise... affect health adversely... independent review is needed (reprint)

National Review: Wind Energy, Noise Pollution By Robert Bryce

Administration sweats legal response as turbines kill birds
Good article on bird kills and federal law, " many as 440,000 birds are killed by wind turbines every year." 

University of Delaware wind turbine generates federal lawsuit
Lechliter, representing himself in the action, filed the 40-page lawsuit Jan. 9 in U.S. District Court

The wind industry is the second-largest recipient of government tax breaks after ethanol

Shirley Wind Project (Wisconsin near Green Bay) causing health problems - animals too! 

1) NJ State consultants call for rejecting offshore wind project, it will cost millions and lose jobs
2) Second consultant says, "Offshore wind farm fails to demonstrate 'net economic benefit."
We believe a truly independent audit of the BRSA would arrive at a similar conclusion - it's a loser!


A new study confirms the adverse health effects of infrasound and low frequency sound in Falmouth, MA.
At the time, Falmouth had a single industrial wind turbine at their wastewater treatment plant...sound familiar?
Click here to view the entire study - right-click to download
Also, here's a Summary of New Evidence of Adverse Health Effects - Canada
Click here to view the summary - right-click to download

In this video at 1:50, then BRSA Chairman Coligas himself states that GE won't let them run the turbine below 36 degrees.
If you look closely at this U.S. Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory Map you will see that the planned Union Beach IWT is in a wind zone with average speeds of only 5.5 to 6 mph at 80 meters, the height of the hub for the blades. This wind speed is too low to turn the blades. If we must endure wind turbines, shouldn't taxpayer and ratepayer funding only go to IWTs in high-wind zones in order to provide for a reasonable return on investment? Combine the facts that the BRSA turbine won't spin on freezing days or on the hottest days of summer when there's hardly any wind, and you must conclude the BRSA turbine will be a boondoggle that will cost We the Ratepayers millions.

The Australian on IWTs: What you can't hear can hurt you

1) Denmark accused of tinkering with wind turbine noise regulations
2) Denmark accused of applying double standards to windfarm neighbours
3) Health: Danish government to treat Danes as guinea pigs?

Report: Wind turbines don’t cause health problems 
"The panel did not do original research, nor did it investigate reports of health problems among residents living near any particular turbine installation. Instead it reviewed existing studies." And those were the same existing studies that BRSA and the like already have used to claim abutters to wind turbines are merely experiencing psychosomatic symptoms. No panel member traveled to Massachusetts towns like Falmouth to do field research, let alone experience the noise and flicker for themselves. Simply reviewing older studies is not science, it's a book report. The fix was in on this once again and a panel of "experts" was paid to reach a predetermined conclusion.
The CEO of Vestas (major wind turbine maker) complains about Denmark's proposal on low frequency noise from IWTs.
"...changes to the wind turbines so that they produce less not technically possible."

1) The Independent: Matawan raises concerns over turbine transport
2) And yes, accidents like this do happen when driving the road with an 84 ton load
3) BRSA Wind Turbine Contractor Explains Finalized Route Through Matawan

Conti and BRSA are looking for sympathy and hoping to apply pressure with this story... 
4) The Patch: Wind Turbine Permit Fees, Temporary Storage Costs BRSA $268K More

Despite battle, turbine parts arrive in N.J. | The Asbury Park Press |
The BRSA should only have the right to do this when and if they finally prevail in court.
Phone and write your reps today. They need to hear from all of us many times over.

Spinning a Green Yarn - Another Inconvenient Truth
New free e-book on wind energy

Rob Rand | "Wind turbine sound: An independent investigation" | A must-see video presentation

Evaluating the impact of wind turbine noise on health related quality of life
From Noise and Health, a Bi-monthly Inter-disciplinary International Journal

Baltimore Sun: Wind farms aren't the answer to cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Photos of wind turbine damage during the recent storm in Great Britain
This is one more reason that industrial wind turbines do not belong close to homes, and harkens back to this letter-to-the-editor:
The Independent: What are the BRSA’s plans for its turbine in hurricanes?
FYI, The quote referenced in the above letter is in the 3rd paragraph at the link below. Irene was a tropical storm when it hit, not a hurricane.
Atlantic City wind turbine blades will not be removed for safe storage during Irene

Taming Turbine Fires Before They Start: It’s when, not if…
From North American Clean Energy, a pro-wind publication

1)  The turbine insanity in Falmouth, MA Part 1
2)  The turbine insanity in Falmouth, MA Part 2 
3) Lewes, DE homeowners set to fight U of Delaware single wind turbine in court.
4) Falmouth, MA: Life under the blades of a single wind turbine
7)  More Bad News About Windmills - Paul Mulshine in the Star Ledger
8)  Ocean Gate, NJ: A letter from a friend who lives with the noise from the turbine there
The BRSA's latest talking point is, "It's just one turbine, not a wind farm, and it's wind farms that cause all the problems." Well, by saying this they just admitted that wind turbines do cause serious problems. Wind farms are collections of several large industrial wind turbines, so if wind farms cause problems it's because each individual wind turbine in the farm causes problems. 

NJ Energy Plan Includes Ambitious Renewable Energy Goal, But Begins To Back Away From Wind Turbines

The Patch: Matawan 5th Town To Pass Resolution Opposing BRSA Wind Turbine

Dynamic measurements of wind turbine acoustic signals, employing sound quality engineering methods considering the time and frequency sensitivities of human perception
Presented at NOISE-CON 2011, Portland, Oregon, July 25-27, 2011
Scottish National Windfarm Conference, Ayr, Friday 11 November 2011 - Keynote Address: "Windfarms don't work!"

Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Steven Rauch realizes, on the basis of prima facie evidence, that WTS is worth taking seriously

Two Acousticians succumb to Wind Turbine Syndrome (Maine)

SavvySpin.Com: Are Wind Power Opponents Winning the PR Battle? 
A fascinating article and a must-read

Bats, far more than birds, are falling victim to wind turbines

Government caught lying about Wind Turbine Syndrome (Ontario)

Huffington Post: Wind Power Noise Dispute On Tranquil Maine Island Intensifies

The lie behind turbine noise models
Why, extensive body of evidence showing turbine noise is causing deleterious impacts on people living near the towers, was Herkimer County fooled into thinking it would be spared? The answer is simple: Herkimer County residents were lied to.

Canada: Cost of green energy 40% higher than government estimates

The Independent: BRSA awaits permits for turbine transport
The BRSA is putting the pressure on via the press. They know they are in real danger of losing the battle in court and are desperate to truck the wind turbine to their plant. It is a huge and irresponsible gamble with ratepayer money on their part. If they lose, the court may make them truck it back out and they may also be subject to a class action suit.

Dr. Nina Pierpont Interviews Falmouth MA resident Neil Andersen about Wind Turbine Syndrome

1)  4 MW of electricity consistently generated from poop at Florida sewage plant - should BRSA consider this instead?
2)  Then again, Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority tried something like this and blew $30 million of ratepayer money.

Let's hope the FLA folks implement this correctly. The idea seems good in theory.

The Independent: BRSA should delay plans to truck turbine to site
The BRSA is attempting to secure permits to truck their IWT into Union Beach prior to prevailing in court, which may be never.

Holmdel Patch: BRSA prepares for delivery of huge turbine parts
The BRSA had to close their deal with GE by 8/31 to get their Stimulus money from Uncle Sam. But as Judge Tassini warned them, delivery of the turbine cannot be used as a defense in court. If they try it, they just might have to have it removed, all at ratepayer expense.

Wind Energy: the Monument to Lunacy
The battle for Britain mirrors what's going on here.

Flashback from The Independent: Wind turbine fight escalates BRSA files suit
This story is an oldie but worth revisiting. It features a video of our governor at a town hall meeting referring to the BRSA as "a shadow government...that's completely out of control." Governor, you sure got that right!

Other sewer authorities in hot water following outside audits - should BRSA be next?
1)  Passaic Valley Sewerage Authority - Rife with corruption
2)  Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority - $30,000,000 boondoggle
3)  Riverhead, NY - State finds wind turbine not worth it

Energy Tribune: The Global Backlash Against Wind Energy
This is a great summation of the current state of the wind energy industry.

Energy in America: Dead Birds Unintended Consequence of Wind Power Development
"There's a big, big hypocrisy here," Sue Hammer said. "If I shoot an eagle, it's a $10,000 fine and/or a vacation of one to five years in a federal pen of my choice." Then the wind industry advocates gave their usual response to this issue.

Forbes: A New Study Takes The Wind Out Of Wind Energy
"Reality has overtaken green hope" by Robert Bryce.

Courier Times: Offshore wind energy will drive up electricity costs for NJ households and businesses
The same holds true for onshore wind energy, like the BRSA's IWT planned for Union Beach. 
You can monitor the power output of the 2 MW wind turbine at The U. of Delaware in Lewes at any moment at this website.  It's a good way to compare the nameplate capacity of 2 MW against what it actually generates.  FYI: 1000 kilowatts = 1 megawatt.  At best a wind turbine will average out to about 20% of capacity, often much less.  During July's heat wave with peek electric demand the efficiency will be very low as the wind doesn't blow at the hottest time of day.  You can refresh your browser to get timely readings.

The Independent: Sierra Club dead wrong on impact of onshore wind turbines

"Wind Turbines, The Test of Time" / Joan & John Terry's stunning video at Allegheny Treasures

1)  New study backs wind turbine noise complaints
2)  AP EXCLUSIVE: Power grid change due to wind turbines may disrupt clocks and much more

NJ Spotlight: A UB area grassroots group wants to make sure that a huge wind turbine is not built in its community

1)  APP: Land deal may mean end of fight
2)  Holmdel Patch: BRSA Obtains Key Parcel of Land For Wind Turbine, Says Attorney
Believe me. Don't believe everything you read!

1)  NJTODAY: "Energy Sprawl" Off New Jersey's Preserved Farms!
2)  Holmdel Patch: Holmdel's farmlands could sprout wind turbines, writer cautions

3)  Daily Journal: Energy sprawl threatens open space, farmland

1)  Washington Post: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie pulls out of greenhouse gas effort
2) Christie announces N.J. pulling out of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

Bangor Daily News: Wind turbines fail to live up to claims
This is exactly what will happen in Union Beach as the BRSA and this area of Maine are both in a "Marginal Zone" according to the US Dept. of Energy Wind Map which can be found below.

U.S. Senator Alexander: “If We Are Talking About ‘Big Oil,’ Why Not Also Talk About ‘Big Wind?’”

The Independent: Hazlet resident urges Gov to stop wind turbine project
The link to the article in his insightful letter is broken. Here is the correct link:
Looking for Wind Industry Leadership in Reducing Noise Impacts
Plus, here's an article on the effects of noise pollution sent by a good friend of UB's. It doesn't specifically mention wind turbines, but it sure as heck applies: .

1)  The Independent: Judge orders stay on wind turbine plans
2)  Union Beach granted stay in battle against proposed wind turbine
3)  Two River Times: Judge Orders Stay In Fight Over Union Beach Wind Turbine

1)  The Independent: Union Beach resident proud to be a NIMBY
2)  Holmdel Patch: At Earth Day, Some Say They Like Wind Turbines

Toronto Sun: Mining mineral for windmill magnets causes environmental disaster

Wind turbine failures in Lacey put state energy program on hold | The Asbury Park Press |
Knoeller's 17-year-old granddaughter, Sarah, was working with horses near the tower when the blades flew off. "One of them nearly hit her..."
This story follows on the heels of the story below from just two days prior: State Puts Onshore Wind Program Back in Business. Report determines that safety is not an issue for most wind turbine vendors operating in New Jersey.
Which refers to the story below from March 25th: State Shuts Down Onshore Wind Turbine Program after Major Malfunction. All three blades break free of newly installed turbine in what is labeled an "abnormal occurrence."
And now here's a link to 10 pages of "abnormal occurrences" in the larger turbines like the one planned for Union Beach.
And here's what the wind industry's well-funded lobbying group the AWEA had to say about all this. It's interesting that they felt threatened by this. The comments at the bottom to this letter say it all.
Bayshore Regional Watershed Council opposes wind turbine - To every member of this great organization we say THANK YOU!
U.S. Senators Tom Coburn and John McCain included the planned BRSA turbine on their list of "100 Stimulus Projects That Give Taxpayers The Blues." It came in 63rd. The fact that we made this list out of the hundreds of thousands of projects is amazing. I'm sure Robert Fischer, Frank Wells and the other commissioners will call our distinguished senators "fearmongers and outsiders who are not qualified experts." Actually, Robert Fischer called us "fearmonger-ers." 

Cape Wind Project Wins Construction Approval

1)  DEP Press Release Email: Christie Administration Seeks Firms Interested In Offshore Wind Farm Leases
2)  New Jersey Map of offshore wind farm leasing sites - here's where thousands of wind turbines will all go
An environmental advocacy law firm files a Constitutional challenge to wind subsidies and mandates in Colorado.
Holmdel votes to oppose turbine.
Unfortunately, wind doesn’t afford the benefits marketers promise.
Environmentalists Against Windpower?|newswell|text|Opinion|p
A recent letter to the APP in response to a pro-BRSA letter in the APP

The future of wind power: "Don’t count on constant electricity under renewable energy" says UK electricity CEO
This could happen here in the USA.
The Canada Free Press article on threatening endangered bird species with extinction for an unreliable source of energy

Alternative Energy: The Bloom Box - 60 Minutes/CBS News Video
There are new green energy technologies coming to market now that may make wind energy obsolete. This fuel cell technology uses methane, and sewage plants and landfills sure make enough of it.

Alternative Energy: Cellulosic ethanol finally arrives
Large refiners like Valero are investing in cellulosic ethanol biorefineries, which have recently become viable. Cellulosic ethanol holds the promise of providing 16 times the energy used to make it, unlike ethanol from corn, which even Al Gore says was a mistake.
Two River Times: Wind Turbine Dispute Goes To Court
Asbury Park Press: Union Beach lacks power to rule on turbine, complaint says
The Independent: Sewerage authority challenges Planning Board denial 

Sea Girt wind turbine plan scrapped
Congratulations to our friends in the Sea Girt area! Today Sea Girt, tomorrow Union Beach!

This is from the First International Symposium on the Global Wind Industry and Adverse Health Effects recently held in Picton, Ontario
Wind Turbines Frozen Solid
Britain's Wind Farms are No Spin Zones When Cold Hits

Denmark now compensates homeowners for loss of value as a matter of public policy
If property value is not an issue as the BRSA claims, why is this now the law in Denmark?
"Do Wind Projects Adversely Affect Proximate Residential Property Values?" A compilation of property value articles from John Droz.
Star Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine's take on a photo I sent him, "There goes the neighborhood!"
Christie's got a Dutch treat for utility customers 
Paul Mulshine's story in the August 22nd Star Ledger - A must-read!
At this website you can listen to a GE 1.5MW wind turbine recorded inside an entry vestibule at midnight 1,500 feet downwind from the turbine. Your speakers need to be on. The sound should play automatically when you click on the link, and the audio player is at the bottom of the page. Set the volume to the loudness of a calm speaking voice. If it doesn't play, please try a different browser.
“Nobody in the area could believe it. They were so loud.” The NY Times on the Fox Island wind turbines - 10/6
NY Times: Turbines Too Loud for You? Here, Take $5,000
If noise is not an issue as the BRSA claims, why is Caithness Energy paying off local residents in Ohio?
MUST READING: Bankrupt Europe has a lesson for Congress about wind power

2)  Mafia cash in on lucrative EU wind farm handouts - especially in Sicily - Telegraph UK
No, I am not implying that Tony Soprano or his ilk are in play with our wind turbine issue, but this made us smile: “...the Mafia’s in the alternative-energy business.”  And after all, the BRSA is in the "waste management business." :)

You must watch these two videos, the first from the NY Times and the second by WERU, a local radio station.
We can't let this happen here like it did in Vinalhaven, Maine.
Vinalhaven's Fox Islands Wind exceeds noise limits - 9/10/10.
State of Maine finds Fox Island Wind Turbines in violation of noise standard - 9/10/10.
Wonder what the windmills on Vinalhaven sound like for local residents? Click this link to find out.

Becky Godlee's music video mourns irresponsibly located wind turbines - She's great!


Wind Turbine Syndrome: A Report on a Natural Experiment" by Dr. Nina Pierpont
"The Wind Farm Scam" by John Etherington
"Wind Power Fraud" by Charles Opalek

They're Not Green - Uncovering the Secrets of the Wind Farms

A new wind turbine documentary now available on DVD by Nettie Peña

Trailer for new feature length documentary soon to be released

On page 5 of this GE wind turbine document, under Siting Considerations, GE states: "Siting wind turbines and assessing the feasibility of a proposed location must consider factors such as: (6) Community acceptance and compatibility with adjacent land uses. Depending on setback requirements tens of acres might be necessary to house a single GE 1.5MW turbine. Hence, megawatt-scale wind turbines cannot be located in densely populated areas." Well, there's very little community acceptance, there's a densely populated area 1,080 feet away, and it would damage the plant in the event of fire or collapse.

GE Energy Extreme Wind Speed Risk & Mitigation
Examples of possible failure scenarios include blade failure or a tower buckling or overturning.

European Setbacks (minimum distance between wind turbines and habitations)

Safety Regulations for Operators and Technicians
"Do not stay within a radius of 400m (1300ft) from the turbine unless it is necessary. If you have to inspect an operating turbine from the ground, do not stay under the rotor plane but observe the rotor from the front.” This is from a manual for a Vestas 3MW wind turbine, which can be as tall as 420 feet. HOWEVER, under NJ law, the minimum setback would be 1.5 times that height or 630 feet, less than half the distance Vestas considers a dangerous hard hat zone!

Wind Watch: First International Symposium on Adverse Health Effects and Industrial Wind Turbines
The First International Symposium on the adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines was held on October 29-31, 2010 in Picton, Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada.
The UK: A Bill To Make provision for a minimum distance between wind turbines and residential premises according to the size of the wind turbine. In England, a turbine the size of the BRSA's would require a setback of 1.24 miles rather than 1,080 feet. There's a link at the bottom of the page to the actual bill.